• 3D Models

    3D Models

    I love creating 3D models. It doesn't matter what I am sculpting: hard surface, organic, props or environments when I begin to sculpt I just feel in the zone. The amount of satisfaction I get from making something into 3D that only existed on flat paper is indescribable. Read More
  • Tech Art

    Tech Art

    Every studio has their own idea of what a Technical Artist does. The easiest way I have found to explain my role and duties is to say "I'm a problem solver". A Technical Artist is the conduit between programmers and artist. I have an aptitude for both fields... Read More
  • Previous Projects

    Previous Projects

    I started my career in 2007 working on a small social MMO called Vside for a studio called Doppelganger. During this time I worked primarily as a Character Artist responsible for modeling, texturing and skinning many of the player art assets. Read More
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Where, What and When.

Where ever you need me, that's where I will go. I'm ready to uproot my family and move across the planet... for YOU!

What I can do for you is mostly rigging and skinning, but I like to think of myself as a 3D generalist capable of much more.

When am I available? Right now!   Contact Me

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Personal Blog

  • About Mic! +

    Hello, my name is Mic Marvin. I've been working in the Video Game industry for a number of years now Read More
  • Finished Homepage +

    Today is the day that I have finally wrapped up my homepage. I've been working hard to develop this new Read More
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