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Guardians of Middle-Earth

Guardians is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game developed for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. I was one of three Technical Artist assigned to this project for nearly it's entire development. During that time my job responsibilities included:

  • Rigging
    Custom skeletons for each champion and many of the minions
  • Skinning
    Provide for smooth deformation of all poses during animations
  • Scripting
    Support for Animators to automate tedious tasks and improve workflow
  • Troubleshooting
    Help artist solve technical problems they encountered within the art pipeline

Arguably the first of it's genre to be released onto the consoles, Guardians presented it's own set of unique challenges. It was a marvelous experience that encouraged me to grow and improve my skillset.

Guardians of Middle-Earth

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Guardians of Middle-Earth Launch Trailer Launch Trailer
Guardians of Middle-Earth Gameplay Footage Gameplay Footage
Guardians of Middle-Earth Cinematic Movie Cinematic Movie

Guardians of Middle-Earth Gandalf vs Archers Gandalf vs Archers
Guardians of Middle-Earth One Lane Charge One Lane Charge
Guardians of Middle-Earth Siege the Tower Siege the Tower

Guardians of Middle-Earth

Starting Out

Guardians of Middle-Earth began as a small mini-game for a larger title that we were working on. As often happens during the development cycle, there were many changes to the size and scope of the game. Keeping up with these shifting fluctuations was one of the biggest challenges on the project.


The Good Guys

Ramping Up

For the first few months of development there was only a single Technical Artist supporting all the needs of the art team on Guardians. Once the scope for the game (which now included multiple game modes, levels, champions and minions) solidified, two more Technical artist were brought on board with myself included. We had three main challenges to contend with...

  • Character Artist: enforcing certain conventions for consistency
  • Animators: providing fully rigged and skinned models quickly
  • Gameplay Desingers: liaison between desingers and artist

Cutting Back

In the final months of development it became clear that the game needed to be scaled back if we were going to meet our ship date. This radical change created a host of new challenges...

  • Database Incongruities: duplicate entries and missing art assets
  • Redesigns: merging of several characters into one
  • Modifications: several champions were changed and needed to be reworked

This and much more needed to be accomplished quickly. We were able to make all of the changes and finish the title on time without having to have any crunch.

The Bad Guys


Finishing Development

Guardians of Middle-Earth was released to glowing reviews from critics and fans alike. It was an exciting project to be a part of and gave me valuable experience as a Technical Artist.

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