Low Polygon Models

Older Models

I put together this page to archive some of my older work of a more low polygon nature. All models were created in Maya with Photoshop used for the texturing. Some key features of these particular models are:

  • Efficient Use of Polygons
  • Hand-Painted Textures

To the right is a video that shows turntables of this sampling of my low poly models. In the Details of Low Polygon section below, you will find some additional images that can be enlarged along with a few production notes.

Details of Low Polygon


Assorted Characters

These characters were modeled for fun with an emphasis placed on using as few polygons as I could while still staying on model. The original designs come from various sources such as: tutorials, video games and comics.

I modeled, then rigged and posed them within Maya. The textures consist of only diffuse maps which were created exclusively in Photoshop.

Scooter Prop

While working for Doppelganger on a project called vSide, I modeled several low poly props. This scooter is an example of where I came up with an idea and executed on it. For this piece I was responsible for:

  • Modeling: very tight budget with many limitations
  • Texturing: single diffuse texture map
  • Integration: added asset into the Torque engine

The process of taking an art asset as simple as a prop all the way through the art pipeline was very satisfying.