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I started my career in 2007 working on a small social MMO called Vside for a studio called Doppelganger. During this time I worked primarily as a Character Artist responsible for modeling, texturing and skinning many of the player art assets. I excelled at this studio for several years until I got catapulted into a new job.

That new job placed me in the role of Technical Artist working for several studios under the Warner Bros. Games umbrella. Beginning with Snowblind in 2009, I worked on LOTR: War in the North as a key player rigging the majority of characters in the game. This was followed by some work on an unannounced title for Warner Bros. Games. Finishing strong in 2012 with Guardians of Middle-Earth released under Monolith. I passionately pursued my job responsibilities scripting, rigging, skinning and providing technical support to the Character and Animation teams.


  • Monolith
    Worked on Guardians skinning nearly every character in the game. I also provided technical support to the Artist and wrote basic scripts for the Animators.
  • Snowblind
    I worked extensively with Character Artist setting up interchangeable armor for the Player Character and enabling severing on the enemies within War in the North.
  • Warner Bros.
    I skinned many enemies and helped setup a cloth system for an Unannounced Title slated to be released sometime in the future.
  • Doppelganger
    Worked as a Character Artist modeling, texturing and skinning clothing and accessories for the computer title Vside.

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Guardians of ME

Technical Artist Guardians of Middle-Earth


Associate Technical Artist LOTR: War in the North

The vSide

Character Artist vSide