Tech Art

What It Means To Be A Technical Artist

Every studio has their own idea of what a Technical Artist does. The easiest way I have found to explain my role and duties is to say "I'm a problem solver". A Technical Artist is the conduit between programmers and artist. I have an aptitude for both fields and a broad understanding of how things work to come together.

My previous experience focused mainly on Character Rigging. Creating skeletons, skinning characters and setting up physics for collision and effects. I have often been tasked with making sure that art assets get into and work properly within the game. This entails working closely with artist to make sure everything is within spec before handing off to designers. Occasionally writing the odd piece of code to help make an artists life easier was not beyond my ability either.

Tech Artist

Discover details of my tech art below!

ColorWays Script

Python ColorWays

Biped Rig

Maya Biped Rig

AutoRig Script

MEL AutoRig Script

Gun Rig

Maya Gun Rig