AutoRig Script

Autorig Demonstration

Here is a demonstration of a script I wrote in order to save time during animation. I decided to turn the script into an autorigger solution once I realized I would have to rig several models and I wanted to automate the process. This script is:

  • Written In MEL
  • Modular
  • Includes Error Handling

To the right is a video that shows a demonstration of the autorigger being used on a siege engine model. In the Details of AutoRig Script section below, you will find some additional information about this specific script.

Details of AutoRig Script

MEL Script Code

MEL Scripting

The entire script was written with Maya's Embedded scripting Language, MEL. Additional in-house libraries were used to consolidate the code for common routines. This afforded a more modular approach to writing the script.

I separated the functions that create the GUI into one file, the error handling into another and the core logic into a third script. This made it easier to maintain my code and quickly appropriate parts to other scripts.

Siege Engine

During the time I worked on Guardians of Middle-Earth I had an animator request my help to create a tool that would enable him to work faster. He was in charge of animating several siege engine characters that would all have the following requirements:

  • Interconnected pieces with secondary animation
  • Four wheels that needed to rotate in sync
  • Several variations

This autorig script was the result of that effort which was a success.

AutoRig with controls