3D Models

Models Created By Mic

I love creating 3D models. It doesn't matter what I am sculpting: hard surface, organic, props or environments when I begin to sculpt I just feel in the zone. The amount of satisfaction I get from making something into 3D that only existed on flat paper is indescribable. That old adage "Do what you love" describes what modeling means to me. In fact, outside of work I find myself continuing to hone my skills as a 3D Modeler in an endless pursuit towards perfection.

I have gathered together here a collection of my 3D models, like the newly added SOCOM Pistol. Each thumbnail below will take you to a details page for that specific model or models. The details page includes video, beauty shots, wireframes and occasionally an interactive demonstration.

3D Models

Discover details of my 3D modeling below!

SOCOM Pistol

Maya SOCOM Pistol

Lambo Murcielago

Maya Lambo Murcielago

Low Polygon

Maya Low Polygon Models