SOCOM Pistol

Prop Modeling

The SOCOM Pistol is a good example of my abilities to take a prop from concept/reference and turn it into a finished game asset. Special attention was given to how the gun would actuate, by modeling several pieces separately the animator has full control.

  • Modeled in Maya
  • Textured with Photoshop
  • Integrated into Unity3D
  • Ready for Animation

Please watch the short video to the right for a brief overview of the entire model. Just below, I have included several Beauty Shots of the finished model. If you would prefer a more nuanced breakdown of the SOCOM Pistol and my process, skip to the Details of SOCOM Pistol. Visitors with the Unity plugin installed should go to the bottom of the page where they can play with the Interactive Demo, a showcase of the prop running within Unity3D.

Click the Thumbnails Below For a More Detailed View of the SOCOM Pistol

SOCOM Pistol
SOCOM Pistol
SOCOM Pistol

SOCOM Pistol
SOCOM Pistol
SOCOM Pistol

Details of SOCOM Pistol

Modular Design

As I started modeling the SOCOM Pistol I thought about how the real gun is assembled and the motion of it's mechanisms. At this point I decided I would break the entire model up into the following constituent parts:

  • Barrel: silencer, slide and barrel
  • Lower Receiver: grip, trigger, safety, clip and clip release
  • LAM Unit: dials, button and switch

By having separate pieces we can animate the gun more realistically by showing the slide kick back after each round is fired, screwing on and off the silencer and dropping the clip out to reload.

Exploded SOCOM Pistol


Texture Maps

Because the silencer and LAMunit were separate models that tied together as accessories that would only be used by the player sometimes, I put them together on their own texture sheet. The texture maps for the accessories consists of three images that are each 1024x1024 for the diffuse, specular and normals.

The rest of the pistol is similarly laid out with a 1024x512 map for the diffuse, specular and normals respectively. To create these textures I used a combination of software including Maya, Photoshop and various plugins.

Accessories Wireframe

A few closeup shots of the accessories and their wireframes. As mentioned above I decided to separate these items to help facilitate higher fidelity animation and texture optimization...

  • LAMunit: button, switch and dials can be actuated
  • Clip: ammo clip can be removed and reinserted
  • Silencer: can be screwed on and off barrel

These detail shots really show how much was achieved with the normal maps. Very few details are actually modeled into the final mesh allowing the texture to do the heavy lifting.


Detail view of the Pistol with wireframe

Slide Mechanism

A final look at the SOCOM Pistol and how the slide moves back exposing the barrel and guide rod. Once again you can see the extra level of detail achieved with few polygons by leveraging the normal map. The trigger, safety, clip release and hammer can all be articulated independently for heightened realism.

SOCOM Pistol in Unity3D