Details of AutoRig Script

MEL Script Code

MEL Scripting

The entire script was written with Maya's Embedded scripting Language, MEL. Additional in-house libraries were used to consolidate the code for common routines. This afforded a more modular approach to writing the script.

I separated the functions that create the GUI into one file, the error handling into another and the core logic into a third script. This made it easier to maintain my code and quickly appropriate parts to other scripts.

Siege Engine

During the time I worked on Guardians of Middle-Earth I had an animator request my help to create a tool that would enable him to work faster. He was in charge of animating several siege engine characters that would all have the following requirements:

  • Interconnected pieces with secondary animation
  • Four wheels that needed to rotate in sync
  • Several variations

This autorig script was the result of that effort which was a success.

AutoRig with controls